Site Policy

The Nabetani Glass Crafts Co. website (, hereafter referred to as “this website”) is operated by Nabetani Glass Crafts Co. Please read the following Site Policy carefully before using this website. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the Site Policy. These site policies are subject to change without notice.


Unless otherwise indicated, all copyrights related to documents, photographs, illustrations, software, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”) on this website belong to our company and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Users may not use all or part of the contents of this website without our prior permission.

2.Linking to the Website

You are free to link to this website.
You are free to create a link to this website, and you are not required to notify us of your intention to do so.
However, please note that the addresses of pages other than the top page may be changed or deleted without prior notice.
However, links from the following sites are not permitted.

  • Websites that have malicious intent toward our website
  • Websites that are offensive to the law or public order and morals
  • Websites that display links in a manner that makes the independence of this website unclear

3.Linked sites

The content of third-party websites (linked websites) other than this website is managed under the responsibility of the respective third parties and is not under the control of the Company. Please use the linked websites in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the respective websites.
We are not responsible for the content of any linked sites or any damages resulting from the use of such sites.
Links are provided solely for the convenience of users and do not imply that we endorse the content of the linked websites.


The information on this website is subject to change or deletion without notice. Please be aware of this beforehand.
We will not be liable for any damages resulting from changes in the information or from the suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this website for any reason whatsoever.

5.Prohibited Matters

The following acts are prohibited when using this website.

  • Actions that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company.
  • Actions that are or may be offensive to public order and morals.
  • Criminal acts or acts that lead or may lead to criminal acts.
  • Any false declaration or notification, such as registering another person’s e-mail address.
  • Actions for the purpose of business activities or profit-making, or actions in preparation for such activities.
  • Actions that defame the honor or trustworthiness of a third party or the Company.
  • Actions that infringe or may infringe the privacy of third parties.
  • Actions that use or provide, or may use or provide, harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  • Other acts that violate or may violate laws, government ordinances, ministerial ordinances, or ordinances.
  • Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

6.Changes to the content of this website

We reserve the right to change or modify the content of this website at any time and without notice.

Privacy Policy

1.What is personal information?

“Personal information” means information about an individual (address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) that can be used to identify the individual contained in such information.

2. Restrictions on the Acquisition of Personal Information

When Nabetani Glass Crafts Co. collects personal information via the Internet, we do so on the principle that the user provides the information voluntarily. When we collect personal information, we will clearly state the purpose of collection and inform users of the purpose.

3.Limitation of use of personal information

We will use the personal information provided by you only within the scope of the stated purpose of collection. We will not use personal information for any purpose other than the stated purpose of collection without the consent of the customer. In other cases, as a general rule, we will not provide personal information to third parties without the permission of the customer.

4.Management of Personal Information

Personal information collected from users is strictly managed by the site administrator, and appropriate measures are taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, and falsification. In addition, the Company strives to ensure the security of personal information provided (registered) by users via the Internet.

5.Review of privacy policy

The Company will review and improve the contents of each of the above items regarding the handling of users’ personal information as appropriate. The contents of this Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice.