Established in 1949 in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Junichi Nabetani, a traditional Edo faceting craftsman, is the third generation of this workshop.

Carefully selected crystal glass is used, and gorgeous cuts are made by craftsmen.

The Edo faceting thus completed moves the heart the moment it touches the senses.

Inheriting and preserving tradition and sublimating it to suit the times is Nabetani Glass Crafts Co. belief in “craftsmanship.

Commitment to Nabetani Glass Crafts Co.


Thicker, heavier, deeper, sharper
with more layers of color...

Junichi Nabetani, the third generation, created a completely new form of Edo faceting that had never existed before.

Kaito Nabetani, the fourth generation, inherited the tradition and sublimated it to create a new era of Edo faceting.

The work of such father and son will continue to evolve in the future.

Material quality

Using Japan's highest quality crystal
Unparalleled high quality and rarity

For the glass used in our works, we use KAGAMI crystal, which is Japan’s highest peak of beauty, and Fukagawa Glass Works crystal, which has a captivating color.

KAGAMI crystal is not only of high quality, but the transparent black color, which is the result of particularly high technology, is called “Aozumi” (blue ink) and is a highly rare crystal that can only be expressed by KAGAMI.


Nabetani Glass Crafts Co. values "moments".

This is the moment when the work and the sensibility touch each other.

The moment you see it, you are attracted to it.
The moment you hold it in your hand, you are excited.
The moment it touches your lips, it fills your heart.

I work hard every day to create something that will move you at that moment.